Rubrics for Science Activities

Grade: K 1 2 3 4 5 6

Unit A
Ch 1 A6 Exploring Life Characteristics
Ch 1 A22 Observing Growth of Fungi
Ch 2 A38 Exploring cells
Ch 2 A48 Investigating the Life Cycle of a Flowering Plant
Ch 2 A58 Investigating Dominant and Recessive Traits
Ch 2 A67 Surveying Inherited Traits
Ch 3 A74 Exploring Protective Covering
Ch 3 A88 Investigating Eggshells
Ch 3 A96 Investigating Insulation
Ch 4 A108 Exploring Parts of Soil
Ch 4 A116 Investigating Owl Pellets
Ch 4 A135 Experimenting with Carbon Dioxide and Photosynthesis

Unit B
Ch 1 B6 Exploring Elements
Ch 1 B22 Investigating Water
Ch 1 B38 Investigating a Chemical Change
Ch 2 B44 Exploring Motion
Ch 2 B54 Investigating Force Used to Move Objects
Ch 2 B60 Investigating Friction
Ch 2 B69 Experimenting with Balloon Rockets
Ch 3 B76 Modeling Roller Coaster Motion
Ch 3 B84 Investigating Potential Energy
Ch 3 B96 Investigating Radiant Energy
Ch 3 B103 Experimenting with Sunscreens
Ch 4 B110 Exploring Electric Charges
Ch 4 B118 Testing Electrical Conductivity
Ch 4 B128 Making a Dimmer Switch
Ch 4 B136 Making a Current Detector

Unit C
Ch 1 C6 Exploring a Model of the Earth’s Layers
Ch 1 C12 Investigating Moving Continents
Ch 1 C28 Investigating Weathering
Ch 1 C35 Experimenting with Crystal Formation
Ch 2 C42 Exploring Earth’s Resources
Ch 2 C54 Investigating Water Pollution
Ch 2 C68 Investigating Air Pollution
Ch 3 C74 Exploring How Sunlight Moves Water
Ch 3 C82 Investigating Sunlight and the Earth’s Tilt
Ch 3 C88 Investigating How a Greenhouse Works
Ch 4 C108 Making a Model of the Solar System
Ch 4 C126 Making a Spectroscope
Ch 4 C 136 Investigating Lenses

Unit D
Ch 1 D6 Exploring Lung Volume
Ch 1 D14 Making a Breathing Model
Ch 1 D25 Experimenting with Exercise and Carbon Dioxide
Ch 2 D32 Exploring How Diseases Spread
Ch 2 D56 Measuring Heart Rates