Rubrics for Science Activities

While the activities in Scott Foresman Science can elicit important information about the acquisition of knowledge and skills, they pose particular difficulties for equitable/individual grading. These difficulties can be overcome by incorporating the use of an "individual" student rubric as part of the grading process.

Using a rubric serves as an effective teaching strategy by giving students a visible standard by which the activity will be judged. Students should be made familiar with the Self-Assessment Checklist before they complete each activity. Students can review their checklist before turning in the activity. The elements in the checklist match exactly the Individual Student Scoring Rubric which is found on this web site.

Each standard relates to one of four criteria—the procedure, the recording of data, the process skill(s) used, and the conclusions reached. The science process skills are included in the assessment as well as the student’s understanding of the science content evident in the conclusions reached.

Scott Foresman Science Rubrics for Science Activities are available in Adobe Acrobat format.  Most educational programs install Acrobat's free Adobe Reader with their software, so you probably already have the Adobe Reader installed on your computer. If not, you can download Adobe's free software by clicking the Acrobat Reader icon below. Adobe's Acrobat Reader is availabe for personal computers with Macintosh, different versions of Windows, Linux and Unix operating systems. You'll also find installation support available for Adobe's software in their troubleshooting section and special information on using the Acrobat files for blind or visually impaired users of screen reading programs.

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